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Fix Windows Update Error 80246007

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  • How to fix Windows Update Error 80246007?

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How to Fix Windows Update Error 80246007 in Few Clicks


Windows Update Error 80246007 - How to Fix Windows Update Error!

People that are using Microsoft Windows are aware of this fact that time to time Microsoft comes with the updates that have various purposes. Security, stability, new features and many more things always comes with the updates that are available by Microsoft through their Online Windows Update. If you are using a genuine copy of Windows which is register online then you should also perform windows update to get the most out of the Windows operating system.

Of course there are some applications that are used when you start the windows update process. BITS or Background Intelligent Transfer Service is used when you start the widows update and this service is responsible to download the windows update on computer. If this service or the application code that invokes this service is somehow damaged then you will encounter Windows Update Error 80246007.

Windows Update Errors are those errors which come up when you are starting windows update or in the middle of the windows update process and cause the unsuccessful Windows Update.

Now if you are getting this error then it is a trouble and it causes unsuccessful windows update everytime you try to do the windows update. The solution is however available for this and this can be done by change or restart Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS). You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Open Administrative Tools by Clicking start > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Administrative Tools
  3. Then double click on Services and if required then put the administrative password
  5. Right Click on the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) service and then click on Properties and go to the General Tab. Check the Automatic (Delayed Start) if it is not selected and the go to service status and then if it is not started then click start.

Then try to do the Windows Update once again. Most of the times it fixes the problem and you can successfully perform windows Update process.

What if you are still getting this problem?

In case of you are still getting this error, there must be problem like windows registry errors, malware or other infection that has infected your system or some applications that are blocking the windows update process. The best way to solve this is to use third party windows error 80246007 fix tool. This tool can easily download on your system and as you start the scanning with this application, all the infections, registry problems and errors will be found and removed from your system. This way you will not need to perform any of these complex steps and easily solve the Windows Error 80246007. Download this application now and fix all the windows errors within few minutes.

Steps to Fix Windows Update Error 80246007

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