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Fix Windows Error 0x80070006

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How to Fix Windows Error 0x80070006 in Few Clicks


Windows Error 0x80070006 Code Fix - Complete Guide to resolve this problem!

In windows Operating system based computer, if any invalid step is performed or any kind of error occurs then you will see the error messages and alerts on your computer screen. Ox8007006 code is an error that appears when you try to use Windows Defender program. This program is build by Microsoft and is an antivirus application that protects windows computer and also remove all kinds of parasites that attack on your computer. If you are getting Windows Error Ox8007006 then it means there is a problem in the Windows Defender application.

The reasons behind Windows 0x8007006 error are:

  • Corrupt Registry Entries, values or serious registry corruption
  • Changes in Windows Files and Settings
  • Deleted application or system files
  • Corrupted files on your system

Now if you really want to resolve this issue then you need to find right steps to fix Windows 0x8007006 Error. Here are the simple steps:

Step 1: You need to disable Windows Defender

In this step you need to disable windows defender and then re-install windows Defender. It will not only ensure that your pc is able to process the files that this application need to run but also ensures that your pc is able to operate as effectively as possible again. To do this first run Windows defender from start menu. Then click on the Tools button and then click on the options link which is available under “Tools and Settings” Section. Now on that page, uncheck the check boxes of the following two settings:

  • Use Real-Time Protection (recommended)
  • Use Windows Defender under “Administrator Options”

Then click on save button and a message appear that says “Windows Defender is turned off”. Also you will see that a red alert icon appear in the notification area (system tray) which warns users to stop functioning of spyware and other malware protection software.

Step 2: You should try System Restore

This is a nice practice to restore your system in the previous stored system restore point. If it is enabled on your computer then you can easily get a several checkpoints in the System restore window. To use it:

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

Restore your pc back to the date that you remember your pc was error free and working properly.

Step 3: Perform Windows Update

You should also update your windows so that the latest security loophole get fixed and your system becomes protected

Step 4: Perform Registry Cleaning

You should clean windows registry using third party registry cleaner. There are several applications available on the web but you should only use a trusted application.

Step 5: Use another Antivirus Application

You can download and clean your computer for viruses and other vulnerabilities that are present on your computer and corrupted Windows Defender files and corrupted it. First uninstall Windows Defender and then install another antivirus application and clean your computer with that application.

If you still having trouble then it is recommended to use the third party Windows Error 0×80070006 Code Fix Tool. This tool is capable to find all kinds of windows error whether it is a system error, application error or other kinds of errors present on your computer. It will scan and clean windows registry and make sure it becomes healthy so that all the applications work properly. It will also find out the actual reason of the problem and fix 0x8007006 error of Windows and therefore just after a single cleaning you can fix this trouble forever.

Steps to Fix Windows Error 0x80070006

Download the Software to Windows Error 0x80070006. After Downloading Install the software.

Step 1: Launch the software to remove Windows Error 0x80070006

Step 1:

Step 2:

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Step 4:

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