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Fix Error 651 On Windows 7

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How to Fix Error 651 On Windows 7 in Few Clicks


Know How To Fix Error 651 On Windows 7 Systems!

Since the time Windows 7 is being introduced, every day or after users continuously encountering errors related to it. Sometimes it is related to the DLL files or sometimes it is the drivers which are the root cause of the issue. Recently the error which has troubled Windows 7 users a lot is error 651 which is again the issue related to modem device driver. People generally encounter this error when they try to connect internet using PPPoE connections in Windows 7 and ends up with an error message which says –

Error 651: The Modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error.

Surprisingly this error does not occur with Windows XP and Windows PC, as the connection works just fine with these operating systems. So, the problem must have caused due to the inability of Windows 7 to process some of the files and settings of modem device driver.

Reason caused Error 651 on Windows 7

Primarily, 651 error of Windows 7 is caused due to the faulty response of RAS PPPoE driver file i.e. “raspppoe.sys”. This file is located at ‘c:\\Windows\\system32\\drivers’ folder of Windows 7 and throws this error when this particular file gets corrupt, damaged or gets missed somehow. In order to fix 651 error users need to repair or replace this driver file as per the need.

How to fix 651 error of Windows 7 system?

In order to fix this error message you need to perform certain steps as mentioned below –
  • As a first step rename the original ‘raspppoe.sys’ file to something like ‘raspppoe_orig.sys’ and then replace it with working new version file. After that register this file to the registry typing ‘regsvr32 raspppoe.sys’ at the command prompt.
  • To ensure that the modem is working properly, update or re-install the modem drivers to the PC and see if the issue persists.
The above mentioned methods are manual troubleshooting steps following which you can easily fix 651 error on Windows 7 systems. But performing these steps are bit risky, time consuming and requires lots of technical expertise. So, if you are not so technically sound and not have enough time to sit and sort out this error then it is better for you to opt for the second automatic method and use 651 error fix tool to get rid of this error message. This tool is all in one solution of all the errors and issues that occur in your Windows 7 system. It scans the entire hard drive of your PC, spots the bugs, rectifies it and at the same also improves the performance and efficiency of the system. It helps Windows registry to clean all the unwanted stuffs and get going all the time in any circumstances. So, just use this extra-ordinary sophisticated tool and get rid of error 651 on Windows 7 forever.

Steps to Fix Error 651 On Windows 7

Download the Software to Error 651 On Windows 7. After Downloading Install the software.

Step 1: Launch the software to remove Error 651 On Windows 7

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