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Fix Windows XP Freezing Up

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How to Fix Windows XP Freezing Up in Few Clicks


How To Fix Windows XP Freezing Up Problem

In initial stages, when the Windows XP has released, its freezing issue is the most prominent one which have troubled most of the Window users. Although this issue is about its beta tester version but now when this operating system is used worldwide still the Windows XP freezing issue occurs occasionally and people report about it. When the computer freezes up, user unables to use the keyboard or mouse and any task can not be performed on PC except booting it in a hard manner. The freezing issue becomes worse when the PC freezes up at the time of shut down because during that time either user needs to move into a vicious cycle of multiple restart and shutdown or they need to turn off the system forcefully by disconnecting the main power supply which can even lead to data loss as well. So, it is very important to fix Windows XP freezing issue.

Windows freezing issue occurs due to several reasons which range from availability of resources to virus infections, outdated software, corrupt file systems, corrupt or damaged registry entries and even over use of the system as well. So, in order to resolve this freezing issue of Windows XP, these above mentioned causes need to be resolved first.

To start with, first make sure that all the software in use is up to date and version related conflicts do not exist. This will remove the desired vulnerabilities to various viruses and malware attacks that cause the computer to freeze. Once it is confirmed that your system is updated with all the latest versions of Windows XP, just make sure that your system has enough memory installed which can meet the requirements of Windows XP and any program can run on it. If you don’t have the enough physical memory then you can’t expect with Windows XP to perform fast enough.

Once the above mentioned issues are resolved, just check the hard drive of your system is not full and is fragmented properly. If the hard disk is not fragmented properly then it is quite possible that computer will find it difficult to find the file which result it to perform slowly. In that case use an external storage device and move some internal hard drive data to the external one. In case adequate memory or storage space issue is also resolved and the Windows XP freezing issue persists, as a last variable repair the corrupt or damaged registry entries and values. It is because corrupt or damaged registry entries cause the several program to run inappropriately and ultimately result the computer to freeze. So, just use the PC Health Advisor software and resolve the Windows registry issue to fix Windows XP freezing issue.

Steps to Fix Windows XP Freezing Up

Download the Software to Windows XP Freezing Up. After Downloading Install the software.

Step 1: Launch the software to remove Windows XP Freezing Up

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