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Fix Nmindexstoresvr.exe Error

  • What is Nmindexstoresvr.exe?
  • What happens if this exe file is deleted or corrupted?
  • How to fix Nmindexstoresvr.exe error?

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How to Fix Nmindexstoresvr.exe Error in Few Clicks


How to Fix Nmindexstoresvr.exe Error

The application Nero Scout Utility is a small utility that is included with all Nero Ultra editions from version 7 and later. Nmindexstoresvr.exe is a service that scans your pc for all media files and arranges them in a catalog for easy referencing.

This file can be located at c:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\ folder and is generally of 884,736 bytes of size but this size may differ according to different versions. This executable file used to arrange all media files in a sequential manner, giving nero quick access to them when required. However nmindexstoresvr.exe does have one drawback that unlike other indexing services, this continues to run in the background even when you are doing other tasks on your system and takes the resource of your system. It is seen that sometimes it goes up to 50% of the available system resources and this impacts on the computer performance. You may then see this error message:

“NMindexStoreSvr.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close”

The reason behind NmindexStoreSvr.exe error is that since the particular file has a precise function what must be carried out, then this file must work in order for the next file in line to work as well. These files are called dependencies and used to help computer to run smoothly. But it is also possible that if one or few files get damaged or corrupted then they get mixed up and out of place.

Now if you are having NmindexStoreSvr.exe error then here are the guidelines to fix NmindexStoreSvr.exe error.

Step 1: Re-install Nero Ultimate Edition

It is a simple step and most of the times fixes this problem. You can stop the Nmindexstoresvr.exe process by disabling Nero Scout Utility and to do that the steps:

  • On your desktop, double click on My Computer icon
  • In the top left panel, right click on Nero Scout and Select Options
  • Clear the Enable Nero Scout check box and Restart your pc

If you are still getting this error then, click on Start button and the select Run. Then type the command in the box:

regsvr32 /u “%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%AheadLiMediaLibraryNSE.dll”

Select OK and then reboot your pc.

Note: In Nero 7 and Nero 8 it is not possible to remove Nero Scout but with the Nero 9 there is the custom installation option and you can choose to not install Nero Scout while installing Nero 9.

Step 2: Registry Cleaning and Repair Process

With the help of Registry cleaning process, you can clean invalid registry entries and make your registry healthy so that if there would any registry problem that has caused registry errors then it will fix them.

For professional solution, you should download Nmindexstoresvr.exe error fix tool. This is a multi-purpose windows repair tool that will remove viruses, clean windows registry problems and find and fix system files, damaged and corrupted files and other files and settings that need to fix properly. It is a perfect application to fix NmindexStoreSvr.exe error fix. You can download Nmindexstoresvr.exe error fix tool from here and then install and run the application on your system. It will scan your system and find and fix all the problems that are causing Nmindexstoresvr.exe error and this way you can easily get rid of Nmindexstoresvr.exe error.

Steps to Fix Nmindexstoresvr.exe Error

Download the Software to Nmindexstoresvr.exe Error. After Downloading Install the software.

Step 1: Launch the software to remove Nmindexstoresvr.exe Error

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