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Fix 0x8002801c

  • Are you trying to solve registry Error with code 0x8002801c
  • Are you not able to register a COM Object File with regsvr32
  • How to fix error 0x8002801c

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How to fix 0x8002801c Error

You may find the following error message code while working in Microsoft Windows when you are trying to register a Com Object file like OCX or Active-X component with Regsvr32. It fails to do that and displays the following error message code:

“The module xxx.dll was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with   error code 0x8002801c”

Here, COM indicates the name of the object File.

The Error code ‘0x8002801c\' is caused in MS-Windows it means that an error has occurred while accessing OLE Registry.

Since this error is related with Registry issues and the registry system is the most vital part of Microsoft Windows operating System so it needs to be solved quickly. If the registry system of your PC gets damaged due to any reason it will show up error messages and hampers your PC and also slow down its speed. The registry errors may be caused when software is not installed properly or due to spywares.

Now the question comes How to Fix Error 0x8002801c? There are some ways to solve this:   

  • Sometimes this error may occur due to change in the permission of registry which makes you unable to access. If this error occurs on Windows 2008 server or Windows Vista than make sure that the command session must be started using “Run as administrator” from where regsvr32 is being run.
  • If this error occurs when you are trying to unregister COM object file using regsvr32 it shows that the COM object file which you are trying to register is not registered or it has been unregistered previously.
  • When you working as local administrator then most probably you may not be able to access as some applications running on the system has changed permission on registry Keys. In this case if you are trying to register a COM object and access is denied then check the permission on that registry Key and if required then change the permission on that registry Key and give “Full Control” to local administrators.
If you are unable to solve this error by above methods than you can try solving it by using Windows registry repair Software which efficiently solve all the registry errors issues.

Steps to Fix 0x8002801c

Download the Software to 0x8002801c. After Downloading Install the software.

Step 1: Launch the software to remove 0x8002801c

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