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Fix WinHTTP.dll

  • Is your web browsing functionality prevented due to occurrence of WinHTTP.dll errors?
  • Do you very often get WinHTTP.dll error messages & troubles therein?
  • Want to know how to fix WinHTTP.dll file associated error & issues?

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Fix error WinHTTP.dll - how to resolve WinHTTP.dll error completely

WinHTTP.dll file is used by Windows HTTP protocol that serves the task of loading settings and files that in turn help load & run numerous web based applications and other web based services. The file is of critical importance for MSN messenger, AIM messenger and alike, it is house of troubles that most system come across quite frequently. As a consequence of this users are devoid from performing tasks of their own, and even if attempted it turns to failure after proceeding for a while. To overcome trouble leading scenarios, there is the need to fix WinHTTP.dll error and this is easily possible with appropriate fix tool advented for the very purpose. This is annoying situation & is to be sorted as instantly as possible.

Observing WinHTTP.dll errors with your PC is indeed troublesome to be handled, as this could stop the user from performing some of the important functions that serve as important utility in proper working of internet associated functions. It then becomes essential to resolve WinHTTP.dll errors efficiently and permanently from the system so that required purpose can be served without further issues. Corruption and like issues with the specified file turns out to cause erroneous scenarios and can be tackled with application of right fix and this should be done at the right moment, since if not done it will allow system to respond to user actions promptly and may even lead to complete failure of the system.

What causes WinHTTP.dll errors?

Developed technology do at times is the issue arising troubles with the PC, since today number of programs & components are in use in these days which depends upon number of other application, that is why even a single issue can lead to problems in execution of all application used on the system and if unchecked complete PC crash.

  • Unreadable or corrupt WinHTTP.dll file
  • Virus & spyware infection in the System
  • Corrupt system registry database
  • Overwritten or deleted WinHTTP.dll that help web based functions to be fulfilled


WinHTTP.dll Error messages -

Winhttp.dll Not Found

This application failed to start because winhttp.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

Cannot find [ PATH ]\\\\winhttp.dll

The file winhttp.dll is missing.

Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: winhttp.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again.


How to fix WinHTTP.dll Error?

 Determined by the cause leading to the issue, according resolution is to be made, comprising of the following steps –

  • Reinstalling programs which most frequently generate errors
  • Removing corrupt dll files from where stored and the same deleted
  • Repairing registry and updating latest device drivers for your system

Failure of the aforesaid means to resolve the observed error & messages is an indicative of severe complexity particularly malicious spyware infection in the system, which from time to time tries to damage system internally, most importantly by making corrupt & invalid entries in registry and the infection keep on spreading and this a sort of potential threat to computer, likely turning over it to completely unbootable system. Efficient & advanced anti-spyware software , WinHTTP.dll error repair tool is available here to get rid of all such problems you come across in your system. Try and use it now so as to have your problem sorted for once and for all.

Steps to Fix WinHTTP.dll

Download the Software to WinHTTP.dll. After Downloading Install the software.

Step 1: Launch the software to remove WinHTTP.dll

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 4:

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