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Fix Error 678 - The Remote Computer did not respond

On Windows Computer system, if you are getting Error 678 then it means that there is some problem in your computer network connectivity. Error 678 appears when the remote system does not respond correctly when an attempt is made to connect to the Internet. The Error 678 message appears as

“The remote computer did not respond”There are several causes behind error 678 and some of them are these:

If this error occurs with a broadband connection, it can occur due to following reasons:

  1. The network cable to your machine may have got unplugged
  3. Spyware or other malicious application has corrupted important computer files
  5. The modem connecting to the Internet may be disabled or its drivers may be corrupt
  7. The TCP/IP stack on your computer is corrupted and needs repair
  9. A third party firewall software causes preventing your computer to be connected from Internet

To Fix Error 678 that appears in broadband connection:

  1. Check the network cable that is attached to your computer. Also check the network adapter. To do that you should click on start and then Run and type ncpa.cpl and click OK. After right clicking the Local Area Connection icon, click Enable if it is available
  3. Reboot your computer and modem and wait for a minute till all the applications load properly on your computer. Then try connecting again.
  5. Using the netsh command, you can reset your TCP/IP interfaces if you are using Windows XP operating system. In the Command Prompt, type “ netsh interface ip reset log.txt ” and hit enter button. Now type exit at the command prompt and hit the enter button. Restart your computer and try again.
  7. You can also reinstall your modem and its drivers
  9. Use Anti-Spyware application to remove Spyware and other rogue applications and so that the Internet experience
  11. If you are using firewall application then temporarily deactivate it and try connecting again. Many firewall applications are capable to block network traffic and connections due to security purposes. If error 678 is fixed then replace your firewall with another firewall which does not block network but protect your pc

If you are using VPN Connection in windows 2000

On windows 2000, if you are using error 678 and using VPN connection then you need a hotfix. You can download the latest service pack from Microsoft and install it.

If you are using Dial up Networking and getting the Error 678 then it means that when you are dialing, the remote system is not answering the call then you should check the number that you are calling and verify that the number is right. If you are using external modem then you can turn on the speaker to listen the connection using the toggle switches on the modem chassis. If having internal modem then follow the steps:

  1. Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel and choose Modems
  3. Select the modem you use for the connection and click properties
  5. Click on the Advanced Tab
  7. Write down your initialization string or Extra Initialization Command, you can return it to your original value later. Add M0 in the initialization string.

Try connecting again. If still the error is appearing then you should use Error 678 Fix Tool. It is a professional windows error fix tool that can easily find and fix windows errors including  Error 678. It scan and remove all infections, repair damaged, corrupted files, reset system settings and make your computer faster by optimizing complete system. It is easy to use due to its GUI interface and support to all windows operating system. Download Error 678 Fix Tool and fix  Error 678 within few minutes.

Steps to Fix Error 678

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